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#30DHFast - Week 4 - Opportunities

Yaaas you've made it to the final week of the #30DayHusbandFast (and I know some of you are relieved)- welcome to Week Four!

We're not quite out of the fasting woods, but we are nearing the exit of the forest and it's time to finish in true Ruth-style i.e. with a Boaz! Haha I joke/you never know.

How was Week 3 for you? Spiritually charging? Faithfully challenging? A Biblical blur? Well however you found it, as we go into the final week seriously, Well Done! Bravo! Keep going! I'll be praying that you've had some really deep encounters with the Lord, some revelations about

yourself/your future Husband and so much more, all the while building your faith during this time.

But just because it’s the last week don’t give up on the #30DayHusbandFast now – keep going, keep persevering this is the final week, with the last few days focusing on how you can keep going and growing, beyond the 30 days, remember Matthew 19: 26 - But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” With God you can do this!

As always, if you want to continue looking over some of the topics of the third week/or prior as we come to the end of the fast - feel free to do so. The weekly themes, daily prayer guidelines, suggested devotionals and readings are ultimately there to inspire direction, but please feel free to switch it up as the Lord leads!

But if you're down for the final round, it's Week Four of the #30DayHusbandFast, and I hope this last week will be extremely profound.

Week Four – Opportunities

Over the past 3 weeks we've looked at the following topics Y.O.U (Yahweh Over Us), Purpose and Who Is He?, with the first 2 weeks focusing on your personal development in conjunction with your Husband, and the last 2 weeks honing in on your Husband, kickstarted by week 3.

Now to take it up a notch!

You see it's all well and good (well it's actually fundamentally beneficial) to be praying for/about a Husband but let's be frank - what about the opportunities to meet your Husband? Have you prayed into that? Have you explored that? And no I don't just mean dating apps, I mean posing this question to do I get to him? Think about it?

How do I get to my future Husband?

Well I suggest that the answer is two-fold (much like our faith) spiritual and practical.

  1. Spiritual - Praying for your future Husband

  2. Practical - Being Active

1. Spiritual - Praying for your future Husband

Week 3 set the pace and it's time to go deeper! When it comes to finding your future Husband, I believe you don't have to just pray for a blank canvas, God can really stir your heart/mind/and soul in the Spirit to pray for specific things relating to your Husband. Therefore enabling you to almost paint an image of your Husband before you've even met him. Now does this mean your going to paint a sit down portrait of your future Husband...I mean...Matthew's not impossible, but generally you may get a "visual" or better yet hints of his personality/character through prayer that will lead you to him.

I once heard such a story on Premier Christian Radio. A lady (lets just call her Bee) had been approached by another older woman (lets just call her Aunt May) in her congregation to commit her desire of a Husband to prayer and fasting (Aunt May and Bee knew eachother, so this wasn't a random old Sister but literally and Aunt figure in the Church.) Bee and Aunt May would regularly meet together to pray and fast about a Husband for Bee, and did this for over a year (I think it was literally 2+ years or something, can't quite remember but I know it was over a year). During the time of fasting and praying, Bee and Aunt May weren't just praying "Oh I want a Husband, where is he?," they were intentionally praying for him, for his life, finances, job, industry, family etc to the point that when Bee did finally meet her Husband, spiritually he didn't feel like a stranger. Yes! Spiritually she felt like she already knew him, because over the years of prayer and fasting God had really revealed aspects of her future Husband to her so that when she met him spiritually they were aligned.

Now people may be skeptical but hey we sing Do It Again and read Matthew 7: 7-11 for a reason don't we? This can occur for you too, God can reveal aspects/traits/literally anything about your future Husband to you spiritually, thus presenting the opportunity to meet him.

Which then ties into...

2. Practical - Being Active

Shine your eyes! (A popular Ghanaian term, which essentially means what you think it does lol!) Clean you eyes because your on the lookout!

You've got to actively be available, and no I don't mean in that sense, I mean you've got to take action to meet your future Husband!

Think about it like this, what can you be doing? Where can you be? Well as a starting point hop on back to Week 2 where we looked at Purpose because that is a great place to start answering these 2 questions because your faith-driven purpose can guide you when it comes to "actively" meeting your future Husband. The great thing about purpose is that, although your purpose ultimately serves the kingdom (God's btw lol) it's not necessarily just defined to a specific role within the Church it can be your career, it can be your hobbies, in voluntary work etc.  You could meet your Husband at a worship night, work, Church activity, online, bar, social event, dating app, on public transport, an airport, serving on team at Church, in another country, a wedding, a dinner, through friends, and yes these are all places I know of where people have met their Husbands ;-)! The opportunities are endless, but the method really isn't. God will lead you in meeting your Husband, but you have to start taking action - you have to be active!

  • Be active in your purpose

  • Be active in Church

  • Be active in the day to day

You've probably got the point by now, but in any case the daily guidelinesaren’t exhaustive, but just a general guideline. But by all means, take out, add in, swap around what you feel like when it comes to this topic. You may want to spend more than 1 day on a subject – go right ahead.

Suggested Youversion Bible Plans / Bible Chapters

A Single Life to Live – 5 Day devotional exploring the contentment/purpose we can find in Singleness.

Trusting God With Your Love Story - 5 Day devotional focusing on how to trust God, whilst navigating singleness/dating.

How To Get A Breakthrough - 7 Day devotional focusing on how to partner with God to receive a breakthrough in life.

How To Recognize A Real Man - 5 Day devotional that is geared towards men by discussing biblical manhood. But a great one to read as a woman, to better understand what we should be recognising.

Before You Meet Your Future Husband - 5 Day devotional geared to preparing single women for marriage.

How Praying for Your Husband Changes You - 5 Day devotional that takes you through the process of praying for your Husband. Although from the perspective of already being married, this can be adapated to praying for your future husband.

In addition to the devotionals or alternatively if you'd rather not do the devotionals here are some Suggested Bible Chapters/Verses to read over the 7 Days:

  • Matthew 7: 7-11

  • Matthew 19: 1-6, 26

Check out Day Twenty Two here!

If for any reason you are jumping into this fast - well, hello there - great to have you on board, I strongly suggest checking out the #30DayHusbandFast intro blog here and also the FAQ's which breaks down certain aspects, questions of the Fast which will help making this post easier to digest. It's best to start this fast from Week 1 as well, so to ease you into the fast.

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