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Welcome to the 30 Day Husband Fast!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Welcome to the 30 Days Husband Fast! So glad that you have decided to join us and take time to spiritually/prayerfully charge that desire for a Husband!

The main aim of this…is a Husband (I’m kidding/I’m not – you know what I mean). But in all seriousness, this fast to encourage us when it comes to the topic of marriage, help us grow in awareness of ourselves spiritually, to focus with intent when it comes to our future Husband and primarily, develop a healthier prayer life and fellowship with God, whilst we’re single. Yes, you could end up with a potential Husband during

the 30 days (we name it), straight after (we claim it) or…soon (we receive it), but the overall goal is to spend more time (then we may usually) to fast and pray over this matter with the Lord, so that he can guide us through what we can see as our preparation period.

The beauty of the Husband fast is that you can pray for it in relation to a future Husband (you have not yet met), your actual Husband, yourself (as in as a woman praying for herself in preparation for a Husband), for a friend/friends Husband. As an individual/as a group there are so many possibilities.

Check out the 30 Days Husband Fast FAQ's post on some important points to consider during the fast.

God Bless and let's get Fasting!

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