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#30DayHusbandFast - Week 1 - Y.O.U - Day 3

Today we are still focusing on: You

Take time to consider the below throughout the day in relation to your future Husband, and yourself.

Part 2: You - continuation

  1. Reflect on your fruit and your fungi.

  2. What aspects of your character can you work on?

  3. What actions can you take?

Marriage is one of the most testing relationships you will ever go through (after choosing Jesus Christ). We become one flesh with our spouse, we have to learn how to communicate, compromise, be in each other’s space, deal with annoying habits, conflict resolution the list can go on. If you bring too much fungi into the relationship, guess what? It will grow, become mouldy and cause disease/death of a relationship. However if we bring a lot of fruit into the relationship, whatever storms may rage we know how to deploy our fruit reserve to deal with the situation. Imagine what gentleness and self-control can do in a heated argument?

Prayer Points:

  • Continue to pray over the prayer points from Day Two if you need to.

  • Pray about the steps/actions you can take to work on your character.

Then get to stepping! It's all well and good that we do pray about these things, but it's so much better when we start to take action.

You've got this!

Reminder: For suggested devotionals and bible chapters for the week feel free to check out the Week One overview here.

If you're looking for another 4 week guide, I gotcha! Feel free to get some previous inspiration from the last #30dayhusbandfast Week One here and Day Two here.

Have an action-filled day!

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