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#30DHFast - Week 1 - Y.O.U - Day 1

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Today we are focusing on: Yahweh. Over. Us.

Take time to consider the above throughout the day in relation to your future Husband, and yourself.

Refresh - Part 1: Yahweh. Over. Us.

Answer the following:

  1. What is my relationship with God like?

  2. Am I totally reliant on Him/God?

  3. Do I wait to hear from him fully before I make a serious decision (1st Samuel 23: 1-13)

  4. Or do I try to work through things my own way and then start praying when they go awry?

Prayer Points:

  • Pray about your relationship with God.

  • Pray about your reliance on the Lord.

  • Pray about the Lord's involvement in your decision making process

  • Pray about how you make important decisions.

  • Pray about not relying on your own strength

Reminder: For suggested devotionals and bible chapters for the week feel free to check out the Week One overview here.

If you're looking for another 4 week guide, I gotcha! Feel free to get some previous inspiration from the last #30dayhusbandfast Week One here and Day One here.

Have a blessed day!

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