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#30DHFast - Week 2 Purpose - Day 9

Today we are focusing on: Passion - personal passions

Take time to consider the above throughout the day in relation to your future Husband, and yourself.

  • What passions do you have?

  • How do these passions tie into your purpose?

  • What type of passions would you like your Husband to have? Why?

Prayer Points:

  • Pray about the passions you have.

  • Pray that these passions are inline with/can complement God's purpose for you.

  • Pray for the passions your Husband may have.

  • Pray that these passions are inline with/will complement God's purpose for him

  • Pray that your purpose and these passions will direct you to your Husband

Reminder: For suggested devotionals and bible chapters for this week feel free to check out the Week Two overview here.

Have a passion-filled day!

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