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It's been a long time Coming!

Well hi-dey- hi there folks - it's me - Lou - your (soon to be favourite) chatty Christian sister...yes that Lou! Or maybe you're still like huh?! Well that wouldn't be surprising...I pretty much posted a few posts here and there re Husband fasting, a new year, Valentines seasons and then...silence. Not deafening but silence.

Realistically, I've been about the world wide web, learning, writing, speaking, more learning, more writing, some doing, podcasting, some failing, lots of procrastinating, more writing some for the love of God, some for the love of self (which technically should tie into the love of God, but that's another story for a post)...but all in all I've ended up right back here, in my favourite part of the web the blog that is which I have shamefully neglected for far too long.

But neglect no more - I am back! I am very keen to get to writing, sharing and yes chatting to all you chatters out there about all things faith, singleness, purpose, life, more singleness, random thoughts and musings all with the premise of helping us effectively apply our faith to our lives!

Anyhoo I hope you have all been doing spiffingly, but bearing in mind some of us are still easing out of Lockdown I can understand if you are feeling yay or nay, so if anything big sister Lou is here for you, so feel free to drop me a line at and I'd love to pray for you. What are sisters for?! ;-)

In any case let's do faith, let's do life - Let's Chat!

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