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#30DayHusbandFast - Week 1 Money - Day 7

Today we are focusing on: Rest and Review

On "Rest and Review" days aka "Overview" days you may decide to press pause on the fasting, break your fast earlier than the time you set, or...just continue. It's up to you ;-)

What's really important though, is that throughout this fasting period you aren't just going through the motions, but really taking time to review how you're doing, and how you're finding the fast.

Some suggestions on reviewing your week:

  • Ask yourself how did you find it?

  • Think about what you have learnt and/or how God may have spoken to you on a particular issue and journal/record this down in whatever way works best for you. Then prayerfully consider how to take action on some of things you've learnt or are pondering.

  • Take time to pray over topics that really struck you or subjects you may want to revisit.

  • There may be topics you want to spend more time on in the next week – go for it!

Overall just take this time to rest, reassess and then resume ;-)

Reminder: For suggested devotionals and bible chapters for this past week, feel free to check out the Week One overview here.

Have a restful day!

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