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#30DayHusbandFast - Week 1 Money - Day 3

Today we are focusing on: Debts/Loans/Money Stress

Take time to consider the above throughout the day in relation to your future Husband, and yourself.

Prayer Points:

  • Dear Lord, I am praying over any debt/loans that my Husband has.

  • I am praying that you intercede into this situation helping him with any of these debts/loans, and that you bless him with wisdom on how to better manage his finances.

  • I am praying that my Husband has a strong credit score, so if we do require credit in the future, we can easily receive this.

  • I pray that if there is any money stress/anxiety/concerns regarding his debt/loans that he is committing this to prayer, and is able to seek the help he needs.

Reminder: For suggested devotionals and bible chapters for the week, feel free to check out the Week One overview here.

Have a spirit-filled day!

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